August 1, 2014. Hampshire.  Just Develop It has announced today a further investment in international markets by adding business service provider, Processing Point to its portfolio.


"Our has enabled Processing Point to keep up with their initial growth by hiring new staff and rolling out inventory to new stores.

Chris Phillips, CEO Just Develop It


Established in 2005, California based Processing Point delivers cost-effective business enhancement products and services to businesses across the US, helping then grow revenue, contain costs and increase market share.

By specialising in four key areas, of payment processing, timekeeping and attendance, payroll processing and accounting, Processing Point has created a suite of products and services built specifically to make life easier and more productive for its clients.

Chris Phillips, CEO of Just Develop It, commented: “I was keen to invest in Processing Point as they are growing incredibly fast in the US, creating some truly innovative products in a very niche market."

About Just Develop It
Just Develop It is a global investment company based in Hampshire, UK. Their investments span a wide range of industries, from technology to property and from the US to the UK, the team invest in entrepreneurs with a clear and exciting vision.