We love Business Plans that tell us everything we need to know, in as little words as possible. When pitching to us, the following business plan, along with a slide deck is all thats needed.


Tell us about your company, product or idea in a single sentence.

Problem & Solution
Outline the problem you are trying to solve, what does your company do to solve this.

Explain the history of your company and explain the trends behind why this is the ideal time for your company to exist.

Identify and explain your customers and the market you are in.

Who are your competitors? Explain the competitive advantage you have.

Product or Service
What are you providing? Explain the functionality, price and features. What is your roadmap for improvements?

What is your revenue model? How have you priced your product or service? Explain your sales model and customer pipeline

Who is involved? Give an overview of founders, shareholders and management

Provide an overview of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.