A Pitch Deck is a brief presentation of an idea or business. 

Usually produced in PowerPoint or Keybote, it provides a quick and concise overview of your business plan for potential investors, partners or customers. Below, find a guide for a 10 slide Pitch Deck.



1. Introduction
Tell us about your company, product or idea.

2. Problem & Solution
Outline the problem you are trying to solve, what does your company do to solve this?

3. Advantages
What makes you and your solution special? How is your company different from others.

4. Timing
Explain the history of your company and explain the trends behind why this is the ideal time for your company to exist.

5. Market
Identify and explain your customers and the market you are in.

6. Competition
Who are your competitors? Explain the competitive advantage you have.

7. Product or Service
What are you providing? Explain the functionality, price and features. What is your roadmap for improvements?

8. Model
What is your revenue model? How have you priced your product or service? Explain your sales model and customer pipeline.

9. Team
Who is involved? Give an overview of the people behind the company.

10. Financials
How would investment help your business? If you are trading, provide an overview of your financials.