We love business plans that tell us everything we need to know, in as fewer words as possible. When pitching to our team, we like to hear enthusiasm and passion but along with that, we love a well thought out and concise business plan.

A business plan is a written document describing how a new business aims to achieve it's goals. It should cover strategy, objectives, marketing, sales and financials.


"Too often we have people pitch us with a great idea, and unfortunately that's where it ends. Having a business plan to back up the idea, gives us that extra bit of confidence and interest in potential investments.

Dan Richards, COO


Writing down how you plan to achieve your business goals will help you clarify your idea and give you a clear path to follow when starting your company.

We often feel new businesses, or even established companies, pitching for funding can benefit from clearly defining what they aim to achieve through their product or service offering.

About Just Develop It
Just Develop It is a global investment company based in Hampshire, UK. Their investments span a wide range of industries, from technology to property and from the US to the UK, the team invest in entrepreneurs with a clear and exciting vision.