October 11, 2017. Hampshire, UK. Just Develop It today announced a further investment into Private Charter and Management company Xclusive Jets, with a loan of £6mm to aid the further expansion of the Xclusive fleet.

Xclusive Jets is fast becoming one of the country’s most popular private aviation services. With a fleet of six owned and operated aircraft, and access to a further 5000 worldwide, Xclusive have become a well known name in private aviation.


"We've been incredibly impressed with the work Xclusive Jets have done in the past year, our investment to expand the fleet will only help the team continue their great success.

Chris Phillips, CEO Just Develop It


The loan from Just Develop It will finance the acquisition of two further jets, a Citation Bravo will expand Xclusive's light jet fleet, and a second, Falcon 900B, capable of worldwide private travel will expand the mid-size fleet.

The twin-engine Citation Bravo accommodates up to 8 passengers and two crew members, a popular choice for private flyers due to the comfortable cabin size with ample head and leg room. With a longer range compared to many other light-sized private jets and a quieter cabin, the Bravo is the ideal aircraft for short-haul business and leisure charter.

The heavy Falcon 900B can accommodate up to 14 passengers and three crew members. With a large cabin perfectly suited for intercontinental travel, the Falcon is ideal for long-haul business and leisure charter. Amenities included a full-sized private lavatory, fully stocked galley and surround sound system.

Just Develop It have also committed to an additional £2.5mm loan to Xclusive Jets to enable the future purchase of a third Citation Bravo. The ideal aircraft for many charter opportunities, the light-jet has proved to be a popular hit with clients. With the continued support and backing of Just Develop It, Xclusive are also looking to expand their fleet further in 2018 with the addition of two further aircraft and increase their presence in aircraft charter management by taking on a number of new clients.

About Just Develop It
Just Develop It is a global investment company based in Hampshire, UK. Their investments span a wide range of industries, from technology to property and from the US to the UK, the team invest in entrepreneurs with a clear and exciting vision.

About Xclusive Jets
Xclusive Jets are a UK private aviation operator based at Southampton Airport, specialising in worldwide charter and aircraft management. Xclusive believe in service beyond expectation, and deliver through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfil the evolving needs of their clients.