Dec 23, 2017. Hampshire. Just Develop It are pleased to announce the acquisition of Solent Mould Tools as joint venture with the team at IGM Holdings.

Solent Mould Tools is one of the countries leading precision engineering companies and works with some of the world’s biggest brands. Whilst the primary focus of the company is on manufacturing high precision moulds for the food & beverage industry, their expertise spans a wide range of other industries, including automotive, marine and aerospace.


Just Develop It helped me through every stage of the acquisition process, from contracts & loans to negotiating & legal advice, they had the whole thing covered, I cannot thank the team enough.

Lisa Darcy-Burt, Managing Director


Lisa, MD of IGM Holdings, and now CEO of Solent Mould Tools approached JDi for assistance and a business loan to facilitate the acquisition of SMT.

This deal is particularly close to home for JDi, Lisa is the sister our CEO, Chris Phillips, and SMT was purchased from Lisa & Chris’ father, Terry.

The company is currently undergoing a dramatic rebranding exercise and rapidly developing business development initiatives to help push the business forwards and expand the reach of the company. There are a few exciting new relationships to announce soon, so watch this space!

JDi are immensely proud to support Lisa in her new role and wish her & the team every success for the future.

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