Feb 24, 2017. Hampshire. Today clothing company Feather London has launched it's second collection, which is now available to buy online.


"Collection II has been fantastic to work on, we're happy it's now finally available for everyone to see!

Andrew Smith, Feather London


In early 2016, startup clothing company Feather London secured investment from Just Develop It. 

The investments team have been working closely with Feather to ensure that they have all the tools required to make their business a success.

Shop Colleciton II online today.: www.featherlondon.com

About Feather London
Feather London is a mens clothing brand that mixes streetwear, high end fashion and sportswear for an un-mistakable look. The team behind Feather combined their passion, imagination and huge ambition to develop an easy-to-wear style that is all their own.

About Just Develop It
Just Develop It is a global investment company based in Hampshire, UK. Their investments span a wide range of industries, from technology to property and from the US to the UK, the team invest in entrepreneurs with a clear and exciting vision.