Drawing on their design experience from their time working at Vivienne Westwood, Jessie and James' exciting designs mix humour with unconventional cuts to create a unique identity. We caught up with them to find out how it all started.


How did Jessie and James begin?
We spent five years working together at Vivienne Westwood Studios, with Jessica as Head Pattern Cutter and James leading a menswear line. When we had our first child we started to design some one off pieces for him and realised we enjoyed the challenge. As we looked to start our own company, children's wear seemed like such a great fit for us.

Why did you decide to move into children's wear?
It really felt like such a natural progression; Jessica loved designing for our son and we realised our playful designs really suited the children's wear market. The designs, fabrics and shapes we used in our work previously hadn't been done in children's wear before.

"Although we have so much fun designing quirky new cuts and unique shapes we actually enjoy the limitations you have with kidswear.


What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
As we steadily grew season by season, so did our collections and logistically keeping everything in order was a challenge! We are naturally creative people so were completely new to business processes and we had to become extremely disciplined to stick to a routine.

At the same time, for us customer service is of the upmost priority, we wanted to have a solid reputation as a friendly and easy company to deal with. We love hearing from customers and do our upmost to ensure they are happy with their purchase from us.

How did you meet the team at Just Develop it and how have they helped?
We met Chris through an old friend who knew we were looking for funding, and it turned out Just Develop It actually offered so much more. The team have been fantastic, they have helped us design and launch a new website, expand our reach with new marketing strategies and helped with our accounting processes.

How have you used the investment to grow your business?
The investment helped us to focus so much more on the product, over the last few years we have really refined our collections and focused on what works. With the backing of the team at Just Develop It we had the ability to focus on what we do best.


Following long careers in fashion, and after meeting at Vivienne Westwood, James and Jessica moved into children's wear; and founded Jessie and James.

London, 2010

August 2013