A driven, motivated and incredibly organised CIO, Laura is responsible for orchestrating and managing all of Just Develop It’s investments.

As the companies Chief Investments Officer, Laura is pivotal in determining where and how the groups funds are invested, how the risk is managed and when to say no to a very ambitious CEO.

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.


At the core of JDi’s consistent growth is the property portfolio and loan business.

Laura has owned this side of the company since day one, she has almost single handedly built the property portfolio to over 150 properties and is currently responsible for a loan balance in excess of £30mm.

Laura’s progress at JDi has been impressive, since joining the company only 7 years ago, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of her role and been promoted twice, each time excelling in her new position.


Laura will have already thought of it, organised it and executed it before anyone else has even began.

She has the ideal skill set to work alongside our ambitious CEO Chris.

Current Focus

Xclusive Jets
JDi Developments
Foresite Homes