An intelligent, dedicated and highly respected member of the Senior Management team, John has consistently delivered robust and scalable software applications for numerous online investments.

John leads by example and in between working with product and marketing departments, he writes outstandingly reliable code that works across multiple device types and forms the core of our flagship technology products.

"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.


With the assistance of his small, but talented software engineering team, John has architected and built software that has been used by globally by millions of customers. The team produces the work that most other tech startups would need 25-50 engineers for. John does it with just 5.

Whilst much of John's workload is driven by the product team, he often works off his own initiative and is super passionate about how we present our products to our customers.

John is always forthcoming with new ideas and is never afraid to share them with his peers. He is a long-standing and rock solid member of the team.


John leads by example which shows in his dedicated and hard working team. He is one of the longest-standing developers at Just Develop It.

He ensures our software runs perfectly for millions of users worldwide.


Current Focus

MyPC Backup
Turbo Your PC
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