After spending 7 years architecting and building various component parts of the product for multiple online properties, Just Develop It CTO Brooke decided he wanted to build a platform that could support any future technology company that JDi built or invested in.

The idea was to build a single, centralised business platform consisting of a billing system, support system, CRM, order management system, knowledge base and marketing system that could be plugged into any  website for anyone to make use of; not just internal companies or JDi investments.

"The investment from JDI has given us the ability to grow our talented team and focus our efforts on building a world class product.

Tom Kay, Lead Developer


Combining flexibility with simple design and a strong feature set, Fortifi is the all-inclusive solution for startups and mature businesses alike - all in one place.

All of JDI’s current technology investments utilise Fortifi’s powerful and scalable business platform as the basis of the product and infrastructure.



Fortifi is a complete end-to-end cloud based business platform making billing, marketing and support seamless, scalable and reliable.

Founded 2014

Tom Kay
Richard Gooding