An accomplished business leader and growth specialist with a proven track record of developing and scaling companies quickly and efficiently.

Dan oversees the day to day operations of the group, leads any new investments and works with all business leads to ensure each of the group companies are running efficiently.

"It's not about the cards you're dealt, but rather how you play the hand.


During his time at Just Develop It, Dan has co-founded numerous large technology companies and has played key roles in many other companies.

As Chief Operating Officer, Dan works alongside CEO Chris to execute new investments and strategic developments.

He is the guy that get’s things done and takes responsibility for the performance of all companies within JDi.


Dan is the details man to Chris' big ideas. When the investment is made and it's time to get to work, Dan is there for our Business Leaders whenever they need him.

He works tirelessly to ensure all Just Develop It companies run smoothly and efficiently.


Current Focus

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