A serial entrepreneur and highly respected businessman, Chris has been building, scaling and selling companies since he was 16.

As the CEO of Just Develop It, he has built a culture of excellence and relentlessly drives his team to progress on to the next big thing.

An excellent man manager, Chris has a unique skill for communicating and articulating his points with all levels of the company hierarchy. 

“Wayne Gretzky said you miss 100% of the shots you don't take or in other words, you can’t succeed, unless you try.


He is an inspiration to many in the office and always makes himself available for advice and guidance should any of the team require it.

Chris’ vision and determination is what drives JDI to grow, he has seen the group develop from one company and 3 staff, to over 25 companies and 300+ staff in just a few short years.

He is an advocate of investing in people, rather than product and JDi’s diverse and eclectic portfolio of companies is testament to this.


Chris founded his first company at just 16 and went on to found Just Develop It in 2008.

With 15 years experience at such a young age, Chris is the perfect CEO for our dynamic team.

Current Focus

Xclusive Jets
Feather London