In 2017, James Crook combined his passion for kitesurfing with his skills as a mechanical engineer and set out to improve and innovate for the sport he loved.

The flagship product for Forty1 Kitesurfing aims to address an issue often faced by kitesurfers all over the world; arriving at shallow waters with the wind too light to ride.

"We believe James is a quintessential inventor / entrepreneur and were incredibly impressed with how he has combined his passion and skill in this project.

Dan Richards, COO Just Develop It


Currently, the existing solution is to use an industry standard Hydrofoil, creating more lift and producing less drag, a solution widely used for less than ideal weather conditions.

The problem faced by James and other enthusiasts is existing hydrofoils cost in excess of £1,000 and require not only a completely separate board but also water depths of over 1 meter and riders face a steep learning curve.

Developed over the past 12 months, James' solution is a low profile "Hydrofin" that attaches to any existing kitesurfing board. Priced at just £400 and with a far easier learning transition, the Hydrofin is easier to transport and requires just four screws to quickly adapt any board when conditions require it.

The team at Just Develop It were incredibly impressed with not only James' enthusiasm for his project, but also the way in which he has combined his skills and passion to become a true inventor / entrepreneur.

We are excited to see where the project takes James, and will be following his progress as he launches the Hydrofin in the UK in summer 2018.


Just Develop It
ENTERPRiZE Awards 2018