Specialising in niche sectors of the construction industry, Finish Point offer superior quality finishing touches to development projects and property refurbishments of all sizes.

Site Cleaning, Sealant & Mastic work and Decorating Services are all provided by Finish Point in one comprehensive service. As the name suggests, they completely finish construction and property developments once the build stage is complete.

"We were struggling to grow due to a lack of capital, we approached JDi with the hope to achieve funding, what we got was a business partner.

Carl Topliss, Managing Director


Finish Point pride themselves on being flexible & adaptable. They understand that most construction projects overrun or experience scope changes and always go above and beyond to accommodate such scenarios.

Impressively, Finish Point have already established themselves as a contractor for some of the biggest names in the region and are currently working towards attracting the attention of the countries leading construction companies.


Finish Point provide silicone sealant application and builders cleaning services. The complete finishing service for any project.

Founded 2011
Invested 2016

Carl Topliss