A true start-up, founded in 2016, Feather London has been fully funded by Just Develop It and secured backing after pitching to the investments team.

The small team behind Feather has worked hard to design and deliver a brand that suits the demands of their peers and holds it’s own amongst an industry of cool, urban fashion start-ups.

"Apart from designing and making the clothes; the team at Just Develop It have helped in every other area of the business. We simply couldn't have done it without them.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director


Mixing streetwear, high end fashion and sportswear for an unmistakable look, Feather London launched their first collection in September 2016 and has experienced some excellent press coverage, positive social media feedback and promising early sales.

Feather London takes it inspiration from brands such as All Saints, Represent, Yeezy by Adidas and Fear of God; all of which can be seen in elements of Collection I.

The investments team are working closely with Feather to ensure that they have all the tools required to make their business a success.


Feather London is a mens clothing brand that mixes streetwear, high end fashion and sportswear for an un-mistakable look.

Invested 2016
Launched 2016

Andrew Smith