A patient, approachable and highly capable Group HR Director, Carla ensures that over 300 employees enjoy coming to work everyday.

Carla has built an almost unparalleled employee benefit package that delivers our team the very best in healthcare and leisure and keeps them motivated at all times.

"You can have the best strategy, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of your people, none of it comes to life.


In addition to work on nearly all existing investments, she plays a pivotal role in the investment of any new company, ensuring that new and existing employees feel comfortable and have total transparency throughout the process.

Carla's tremendous organisation skills ensure that every member of our team undergoes regular performance reviews and are constantly encouraged to improve their skills and ability.


Carla is the people person at Just Develop It, she keeps the team running so we can all focus on building great companies.

She ensures each and every one of our 300 staff enjoy coming to work every day.


Current Focus

Skylark Country Club
Xclusive Jets
Solent Mould Tools